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Wrinkle Reduction

Your Guide to
Smooth Skin.

Wrinkles are part of your body’s natural ageing process. Those pesky wrinkles form because our skin naturally loses strength, moisture, and elasticity as we age. If you are unhappy with how wrinkles make you appear older, Dr Ko® Skin Specialist offers a selection of wrinkle relaxers (neuromodulators) to address them without plastic surgery.
By injecting a small dose of neuromodulator solution into the underlying muscle, it can relax and soften your skin by restricting facial muscles from contracting. This effect can smoothen crow’s feet, forehead lines, smile lines, and more while providing natural-looking results that still look like you, only younger.
Consult with our experts to learn which neuromodulators are best for you.

How Can Dr ko® Skin Specialist help?