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Eyelids, Eye Bags, & Eyebrows

Open Your Eyes

to the World.

They say eyes are windows to the soul as they communicate our feelings to others. The area around the eyes, including the forehead, is an essential part of our face. They are integral to not just how we see the world but to how the world sees us.
Over time, no matter what we do, we can develop under-eye bags and overhanging eyelids. Even when we are feeling as fresh as a daisy, it can make us look tired. Or perhaps it is a sagging, heavy brow or wrinkles on the forehead that make us appear unhappy and grumpy when that is the last thing on our minds.
Well, do not worry! If you are tired of looking tired even when you feel great, it may be the best time to consult with our plastic surgeons to know your options.

Eyebrow Lifting

Frown lines, horizontal creases and drooping eyebrows can make you appear angry, sad, or unapproachable, even when you are not.
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Double Eyelid

Double eyelid surgery, also known as upper eyelid blepharoplasty, is a procedure where upper eyelid creases are created to form double eyelid folds.

How it is done?

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Eye Bag Removal
(Lower Blepharoplasty)

How it is done?

There are 2 approaches for lower blepharoplasty:

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