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Afraid to Flaunt

Your Bare Skin?

Acne is known famously for being a constant nightmare for everybody where it even messes with one’s self-confidence, and it does not simply go away. You will have to live with it every single day, and it can affect the way you perceive your overall self-worth.
Each acne type requires specific treatments. Hence, recognizing the types of acne lesions and their severity is the first step toward effective treatment.
If your face has been plagued with these irritating bumps that just will not go away or frequently reoccurrence? Please visit DR.KO® Skin Specialist for the right solution to your acne problem.


Types of acne?

Appear as a dark spot on your skin surface because of surface pigment (melanin) on the surface of clogged pores.

Skin coloured bumps whereby the follicle is completely blocked.

Small red or pink bumps that have become inflamed.

Inflamed red spots containing yellow pus.

Large red bumps that are deep in the skin that can be painful.

Pus-filled pimples which commonly lead to scarring.

How Can Dr ko® Skin Specialist help?

Professional Skincare

trusted by dermatologist

Laser Therapy
Topical Medication
Oral Medication