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Birthmark & Moles

Birthmark & Moles

Birthmarks are often harmless and may need no treatment, but when you have a prominent birthmark that makes you feel less confident, you may wonder how to remove it.
A birthmark is usually referred to as any mark present on your face at birth or develops soon after. They are common, and many children have those marks. Some birthmarks are permanent and may get larger over time, while others will fade away on their own or as a child grows. In exceptional cases, a birthmark may signify a more serious health issue.
Most of it can be removed or at least made less noticeable. So, if you’re tired of concealing your birthmark with heavy makeup, consult with our medical professionals for the right treatments.

Birthmark Can Come
in Many
Shapes & Colours

Flat and Pigmented

In many cases, birthmarks appear as flat sections of differently colored skin. Colours can range from a pale browns, light pink, or salmon colours, to dark red or dark brown. Others may appear as light brown or blue grey.

Raised and Red/Brown

One of the most common types of birthmarks are hemangiomas. These typically develop within the first few months of birth as raised pink, bluish, or red, brown on the skin.

How Can Dr ko® Skin Specialist help?

Ablative laser
Q-switched Nd:YAG laser