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Dehydrated & Xerotic Skin

Growing Corn Flakes
on Your Skin?

The last thing any of us want is our skin to become dry and flaky. Even if you drink enough water, it might not necessarily hydrate your skin. That is why the best way to treat your dry skin is from the outside.
Daily bathing habits (think hot showers and wiping yourself dry with a towel), improper cleansers, perfumes, air-conditioning, prolonged sun exposure, and a lack of natural oils usually can affect how dry your skin is.
Although dry skin is not usually serious, dry, itchy skin can flake, crack and even worse – bleed. And by “dry,” we do not only just mean taut or scaly skin. Dry skin without proper care leads to fine lines, wrinkles and premature ageing.
If you want to achieve that healthy and vibrant skin, consult our doctors for practical and specific advice for your skin.

How Can Dr ko® Skin Specialist help?

Hyaluronic acid
It is a Glycosaminoglycan that behaves like a sponge to help retain skin moisture by attracting the water molecules up to 1000x. Thus making skin more hydrated, supple and smooth.
Regenerate collagen and elastin in your skin for a healthy, radiant glow.