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Laser Hair Removal

The Quest
for Hairless Skin.

Waxing and shaving might be quick and wonderful – for three days. Soon after, the hair begins to creep back in, and you are stuck with it for at least two weeks before it is long enough to repeat the cycle. While getting rid of that unwanted hair, you even have to deal with razor bumps, unsightly stubbles, acne-like breakouts or even itchy in-grown hairs!
If you are considering removing your body hair, let us get zapping and be more confident in hairless skin.
Nothing shouts “feminine” than smooth, silky skin. With laser hair removal, your skin will remain flawless as you have always desired. Consult our doctors today to find out more.

Areas for Laser Hair Removal.

Bikini area

How Can Dr ko® Skin Specialist help?