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Benign skin growth/skin tag

Do Not Simply Cut It!

Have you lifted an arm or looked at your neck in the mirror and noticed a skin-coloured growth that was not there before? Well, you most likely discovered a harmless skin tag, which occurs as we age.
Skin tags or “acrochordons” are nothing more than outgrowths of regular skin attached to a thin stalk. Usually, they match your skin in tone and sometimes can be slightly darker. Though not cancerous, skin tags can often affect your self-confidence, especially if they are on your face or neck.
You might figure that removing skin tags is as simple as snipping them with scissors, nail clippers or a piece of string. However, you should avoid cutting it yourself to prevent injuring the tissue and creating a path for infection to enter.
If you find skin tags bothersome or unsightly, consult with our doctor to get the proper treatment.

TYPES OF Skin tags


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