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Birthmark & Tattoo

Nothing Lasts Forever…
Even if you’re born with it!

A birthmark is a skin irregularity that usually present at birth or shortly after. While most birthmarks are harmless and will fade away on their own over time, others can be bothersome, especially when they can bring down your confidence.
The same problem goes to tattoos too. While tattoos are something you get for yourself – designed to last forever, there are many reasons for wanting a tattoo removed. Those who have tattoos may suffer immediate regret if the tattoo artist botches the design or embarrassment years later when their lives change, be it a breakup or a job.
If you are the not-so-proud owner of some regrettable tattoo or birthmark that you wish to erase, no need to worry or panic. You will not even have to go under the knife; instead, consult our medical expert to receive suitable treatment for your problem.

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How Can Dr ko® Skin Specialist help?

Pico laser

Fractional CO2 laser

Nd:YAG laser

Erbium:YAG laser

Pulsed Dye laser