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Most people struggle with discolouration, age spots, big pores, or acne scars. When moisturizers and serums can no longer do their wonders, why not upgrade your beauty artillery to include laser treatment. Renowned for its efficacy in combating issues right at the core, laser treatments are an effective way to improve your skin appearance and get comprehensive rejuvenation.
At Dr Ko, we have effective lasers available to treat your condition. From minimizing wrinkles to getting rid of acne scars, there’s always the right treatment for every concern. With laser treatment on your side, you might just opt to go filter-less in your upcoming selfies.
Consult with our experts today to find out if you are a good candidate for laser treatments.

How Dr ko® can help?

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      Appointment is subjected to availability.
      We will contact you to confirm your appointment.

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      Zap it Away
      with Pico Laser

      Pico laser technology is a safe, non-invasive procedure which is used to address most common skin imperfections, including sun spots, birthmark, tattoo, pigmentation, acne scarring, and open pores.

      How Does Pico Laser Work?

      It works by sending a high-power and ultra-short picosecond pulses -without heat- to targeted areas, making it effective for most common skin issues. The laser light impact on the skin is intense, breaking the unwanted pigments into tiny particles which then be eliminated by your body naturally.
      Due to its fast and short pulses, treatment can be accomplished in fewer sessions with minimal to no pain.

      The Family of Pico Laser

      Discovery Pico Laser

      Fotona – PQX Laser

      PicoWay® Laser

      PicoStar Laser

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      Achieve Brighter Complexion with Dual Yellow Laser Treatment

      Dual Yellow Laser by Norseld is the most advanced copper bromide laser that combines yellow and green light for fast and targeted treatments. It is powered with fast edge micropulse technology (FEM®) to deliver the laser into the skin without creating collateral damage and discomfort at the targeted areas.
      Uneven Skin Tone
      Melasma / Pigmentation
      Laser rejuvenation and brightening

      How Does
      Dual Yellow Laser Work?

      There are two lights combined to make the Dual Yellow Laser work, the yellow and the green light that offers two different wavelengths, 511nm and 578nm. Both lights have different functions in making the skin smoother and flawless.
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